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Norwex New Consultant Reward Package- Your Bonus Plan!

When you become a Norwex consultant, you are automatically eligible to stock your whole house up to the brim with FREE product. This is a really rad program that I appreciate. As a new consultant 6 years ago, there is no way I could have afforded to invest in my business. I was joining Norwex to MAKE money, I had little to spend when I started my business. If you are in the same poor boat that I once was, then look this over. Then make a plan. By getting your first order(s) of 400 dollars in within Day 15, you will be earning this free box of awesomeness.

What’s in that box of good stuff?

Let me tell you!


Bathroom Scrub Mitt

2oz sample of Norwex Bathroom Cleaner

Veggie and Fruit Scrub Cloth

2 oz sample Fresh Product Wash

Spirisponge (pack of 2)

Ultrazyme Dishwasher Powder

Rinse Aid Plus

Dry and Buff Car Cloth

Textured Kitchen Towel, amethyst

Textured Kitchen Cloth, amethust

ARE YOU KIDDING ME. This stuff is awesome and all products I own and use in my own home. If you are going to join Norwex, plan to hit that small, achievable goal of 400 dollars in 15 days so you don’t leave this box of great stuff sitting on a shelf in Texas.

Do you need me to help you make a plan on how to be a Norwex-Free- Product-Earning-Person? It’s my job to help you make a mini plan and I am here to do that for you when you choose me as your Norwex upline!

I will show you HOW to achieve what it is what YOU want with Norwex. Little by little. Chunk by chunk. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is Norwex Girl Boss Empire. Do it in steps!

Also a picture of my new rescued brand new puppy we picked up yesterday……..because PUPPIES!

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