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Updated! Norwex November Hosting Gifts and Customer Specials

Tidy your house before the holidays so you’ll have more time to enjoy the season of family and friends.  November and December are our busiest months of the year. Hosting a Norwex party allows you to slow down and enjoy the company and companionship of friends and family before the bustle of busy sets in. Many people host a Norwex party as an easy way to allow your loved ones a social and celebratory way to tackle some holiday shopping. Norwex for Christmas? It’s true! Not only is Norwex on the wish-lists of many people you plan to buy for, it’s practical, long-lasting, and we offer so many beautiful things for the home that make living greener, cleaner, and easier.

Have you been hemming and hawing over hosting a Norwex show? 5 friends and you plus me is all it takes, and I make it easy for you to host. Ask those who have had a Norwex party, they will share that it was easy, fun, and worth it. We gift you with enough Norwex to will stock your home with free product for the coming years.

Updated: Check out the Host Exclusive bonus items you can earn this month, AND an extra shopping spree when your party qualifies!

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