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Norwex Reusable Face Masks

Are you a Norwex consultant who ordered and received their Norwex reusable face masks recently? My shipment came today, I was able to order in the first round and secured 6 purple masks and 6 white. Our single layer masks are made out of the same material as our Best Selling Window Cloth, and they provide both protection and breathability. I know this isn’t a great time to joke but the only plus side to the homemade masks my seamstress mom made me is that their severe lack of breathability has saved me approximately 132 dollars per Costco trip because it turns out not being able to breathe makes me shop 80% faster resulting in way less in my cart at checkout!

The Norwex Face Masks are thin and soft, but also provide exceptional filtration. We’ve had them tested and they are proven to filter approximately 81% of .01 micron-sized particles. An added benefit to the Norwex Reusable Masks is their addition of BacLock, our antibacterial agent for self-cleansing purposes only. Our masks are washable and reusable, which is continues to help protect the environment.

If you didn’t find a use and care card in your delivery, or need a copy to share with a family member, here it is.

If you are a consultant who is still waiting to order your masks, another opportunity is coming soon. If you are one of my customers who has been anxiously awaiting your chance to order masks, updates are being posted on my Work With Water- Healthy Home Facebook Page.

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