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Norwex Silver Care Toothbrush

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There are a handful of Norwex products that I use every day, several times a day. The Norwex Silver Care toothbrush is one of those items, making it one of my Top 10 Must Have Norwex items!

What’s the difference between a regular toothbrush and ours? Read below, but you can feel the difference after the first brushing. I forgot my Silver Care toothbrush at home on a recent trip and had to make do with a normal toothbrush. By the second day of my vacation I was chewing gum all day long to deal with the un-clean feel in my mouth that I’m not used to!

The Norwex toothbrush head contains silver which produces a natural and continuous antibacterial process. A natural process occurs as water and silver combine, silver ions move down the bristles effectively killing bacterial contaminants. The Norwex Toothbrush self sanitizes within hours of use!
Each brush head is replaceable and snaps in and out with ease and the handle is reusable. Less waste, a cleaner clean, and peace of mind as we come full force into flu, cold, and strep season. Your toothbrush is CLEAN each time it goes into your mouth. Get yours here, and find our child toothbrushes here, perfectly sized for the little mouths in your family!
*Add toothbrushes to the list of things I have not had to purchase for my family for over three years! As a Norwex consultant and team builder, I’m gifted with shopping sprees as an additional “thank you” for doing my job and spreading our healthy home mission.  Learn more about how you can not only generate great income, but save money on household essentials by becoming a Norwex Consultant on my #1 team!

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