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Norwex Starter Kit Unboxing!

Watch me tear into the New Norwex Starter Kit!

What comes in the Norwex Starter Kit? So much value. Awesome products that are perfect for the new Norwex’er and Norwex devotee alike. We’ve made the decision to streamline the Norwex New Starter Kit with practical items that make your new journey one that will inspire and excite you at the same time. Not only can you use many of these Norwex products in your own home, but you can pack them up and take them with you to demonstrate as well.

Starting any new adventure can be exciting AND a little scary. From the time you say Yes to becoming part of our group of advocates to the day your kit is dropped off at your door and beyond, Norwex is handing you the ready-to-go tools to help you spread healthy home and cleaning methods with your friends, family and future customers. We want you to be successful, have fun, and feel confident. Your Starter Kit reflects that!

If you like having paper materials to read, we also add those to your Starter Kit, along with a selection of practical and professional business materials. Watch the video I did above to see more details on what comes in the kit.

You’ll also have easy online training to take advantage of, which will be something you can tackle in spare moments here and there from your mobile phone.

Did you know we also have an awesome mobile coaching option? During sign up or after you join you can opt into our program that will send you useful tips and pointers via text on a regular basis.

As always, the Norwex Starter Kit is valued at over 200 dollars, but your only expense at starting is $9.99 shipping + tax . If you are joining during a typical Full Kit Month, we ask you to sell and/or buy $2000 retail over a long 3 month period. That’s about 3 parties. You give it a fair shake and do a few parties and feel it out. You’ll know if Norwex is something you want to incorporate more into your life, or if you want to be a part of our family of casual consultants who maximize their 35% discount and make their house a true healthy and safe haven. Your decision!

Are you curious to see a detailed written list of what comes in The Norwex Starer Kit? Or maybe you know you want to start a bangin’ party based business- if that’s your plan, you will want to purchase one of our upgraded Norwex Starter Kits.

*What if you don’t meet the $2000 sales quota in the first 90 days? You keep your kit, you are still a Norwex consultant, but you will repay Norwex 200 dollars for the cost of your Starter Kit. Even if you just go do ONE average Norwex party, you will have likely earned enough commission to pay for the cost of your kit! You got nothing to lose. Why not give it a shake?

If you are looking for a committed and experienced leader to work with and do not currently have a Norwex consultant you have established a rapport with, hook arms with me and I’ll give you a look around. It’s a fun adventure and I love new consultants and the energy they bring to our company!

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