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Norwex Starter Kit Upgrade

So you are tossing around the idea of joining Norwex? Good idea!

If you are choosing to work with me, I highly suggest giving this a good look-over. Norwex has one of the most low-pressure, commitment, and easy offers for new consultants who are considering adding “direct sales” to their resume. Many people become a Norwex consultant with the desire and need to add an extra source of income, and forking over hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in product and start-up fees is not feasible for most.

Your Free Norwex Starter Kit has the bare basics, but you’ll feel confident having more of our best selling Norwex products to share.The Gold Starter Kit Builder Package can be purchased only at the time of sign up, with a bonus 10% off your already low consultant price of 35% off.

Extra Bonus, when you pick the Gold Kit Builder Package you will hit your New Consultant Reward Package goal!

Let’s make 2021 your year of a home you are proud of. A home that’s free of toxic chemicals and safe for friends, family, and pets.

2021 can be the year you did something brave for yourself. Something fun and rewarding that stretches your comfort zone.

This year you can start carving out some savings or paying off debt with a flexible job that’s mainly done from your home or the homes of others!

Talk to me and let’s do this– together!


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