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How Norwex taught me to ask for help.

Do you have a hard time asking for help?

Me too. I am still in training.

Most women struggle to ask for and graciously accept help. Just when I am ready to make myself vulnerable enough to ask, I talk myself out of it. The mind chatter goes like this; “If I have my hands this full, clearly she probably would feel annoyed or burdened and would say yes only out of guilt. I’m not gonna even ask, I’ll just do it myself.”

Instead of just letting the person I ask for help the honor of saying YES or NO, I decide for them by not asking.

I’ve learned that this same kind of ridiculous “don’t ask” mentality is what I mastered long ago in my Norwex business. Each time I hold back and don’t ask, “Hey, thanks for coming to the party tonight, would you be up for hosting a Norwex demo too?” I am taking away someone’s ability to say yes or no. I can handle no, I respect the word no, and I never take offense to the word no!

Last week I had the most amazing experience at an all-inclusive resort in Panama. Norwex offers an incentive trip that is earned by selling and team building, and for 6 years I have refused to miss a trip. Mama loves a free vacation! I took my Mama (her trip was all paid for by Norwex too!) and we brought along my middle daughter, Violet, because every child, especially a middle chid, deserves a vacation without her siblings.I picked an excursion to the Panama Canal because both Vi and my Mom love history. When my Mom got teary while our boat passed through the locks of the Canal, I was so quietly proud. I go to these amazing places and have moments of  wondering, is this truly my real life? It is.


While I was gone, my help stepped up so I could leave and truly let it all go. So while I am still working at asking for help when it comes to daily life, there is one person in my life who I don’t even have to ask with trepidation, because he always serves.

My Norwex business materials were all taken care of, along with meals, dog walking, cleaning, and carpool duty. My Dad pitched in so I could take my Mom and Violet on a vacation of a lifetime. I  my Dad and can’t wait to take HIM on a Norwex trip so he can do what he seldom ever does- slow down and relax!

PS. Remember, if you are Norwex nervous and want to join but are looking for a super casual way to join with lower sales requirements to earn your free kit, February is when you should go for it. I’d love to have you on the next Norwex trip with me. It’s possible, you just have to say yes and decide.  Read more over here.

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