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What the Girls Want For Christmas….(Norwex!)

I surveyed dozens of Norwex Consultants, (the true die-hards) by asking,

“What’s on your Norwex Wish List?”

The most common answers will help make your Christmas shopping fast, easy and stress-free this year!



Graphite Norwex Bath Towels, in Extra Large Luxuriously soft, more absorbent than any fluffy cotton towel, slim and space saving, but my favorite quality? Norwex BacLock means infrequent washing. Every woman loves the gift of LESS LAUNDRY!

Norwex Entry Mat My family has been using mat this for 4 months and it’s been incredibly hard-working. My entire house stays cleaner because of what it’s able to remove from shoes at the point of entry. 85% of contaminants are brought into the home in the first four steps! The Entry Mat features super-thirsty microfiber and stiff polypropylene bristles so dirt and other pollutants get trapped in the mat instead of being tracked into your home.

Spa Wrap  Honestly, I didn’t plan to love this one. It seemed a bit, well, silly to me. I’m not a fancy girl. One touch of this Wrap will have you acting like a fool. I’ve seen hostesses and customers bury their face in it and snuggle it, because it’s like a baby lovie blanket– SO soft! The Velcro is ultra strong, and it truly is a One Size Fits Most item, even the less-endowed girls like me who never can get a towel to stay secured!

Mop System  No surprise here. The Norwex Mop System is consistently one of our customers most desired items. It comes Free in the Norwex Starter Kit, and January is often “Free Mop Month” for qualifying hostesses. If you’d like to buy it for someone you love for Christmas, you’ll be on her “Good List!”

Light Blue Hair Turban Yes, you can give her more Good Hair Days for Christmas. Secure the Norwex Microfiber Turban after washing and her hair will be dried in the healthy Norwex way. Microfiber is more gentle than cotton, reduces breaking, and dries hair faster. An added bonus? BacLock! Hang to dry and let it clean itself as it dries.

Kitchen Cloths and Towels The Cadillac of Kitchen Cloths and Towels, hungry for messes, thirsty for spills, and now with more color choices. Of all my Norwex favorites, these are my most loved and appreciated because they never fail to make kitchen cleaning faster, easier, safer, and Earth-friendly. Check out the newest color, pomegranate that looks great for the holiday entertaining season.

Ready to make her Christmas a Norwex Dream Come True? Order by December 17th to guarantee arrival! Use the links above or Contact me if you’d like me to enter your order for you! Or are you having a hard time buying these things for someone else and not yourself? Host a Norwex show with me in 2015 and get your Norwex free!



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