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One of the many benefits of being a Norwex Consultant

Generous Norwex spoils hostesses, but that giving nature extends to consultants too. I just wanted to share a little bit of how working consultants are gifted with practical products that we can use to build stronger, healthier businesses and homes. Every month I open a big box of free products (and sometimes even catalogs!) that I strategically put back into my business. These monthly gifts, along with the Shopping Sprees we are rewarded for supporting team members who hit their goals, means LOADS of free product I can use in smart, Mom Boss ways, like:

Try Before You Buy Samples

Thank you gifts for hostesses who commit to a party date

Freebies to my team members for the coaching challenges they participate in

Baby shower, wedding, birthday gifts

Bonus gifts to customers who spend more than 100 dollars at my home parties!

Donations! I get asked to donate to silent auctions and fundraisers all the time.

Free Detergent and Body Wash if you are my Dad (he loves those 2 things the most!)

Working for a company who gives me a paycheck along with free product means I have always had ways to be generous to others as well.

Are you working for a generous company too?



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