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Organizing in 2017

My focus this year–less.

I’ve been incredibly blessed with an immensely successful business, dedicated customers and enthusiastic hostesses, and a Norwex team full of consultants who have made our team one of the top groups in all of North America. I’ve gone full steam ahead for five years, and loved it all. Except…. well, some things have slipped. Any working mom, heck, any MOM knows what this is like. Focus more intently on one thing for 10 minutes, and you can easily end up completely buried.


My home has been one of those things that has gotten, well…. chaotic. Housekeeping is a non-stop job, and yet there is nobody living here that seems to enjoy cleaning that much. Me included. (I know, the irony.)

This year I have decided to slow down a little. I am still working my Norwex business and leading my team with the same full effort and heart, but I am choosing to do it in a pace that lets me enjoy life a little more intentionally. Catching up on some longggg ignored projects has given me a clear head and the brain space to map out my life and business goals for the next year.

Amazing how a clean closet can make a lot of things feel very right in this world.

Yes, I have 2 baskets dedicated to Norwex. (Possibly another in a different location.) Maybe I don’t need 34 Enviro Cloths, but I’m learning to let go of excess in phases here people, I’m not going cold turkey.

This closet was used as a catch-all when we moved in, the previous owners had a shoe rack on this door. For a year it’s been serving no purpose, and because we do not have a walk-in pantry, we decided to convert this space. Bonus of Norwex, I can store my food AND my cleaning supplies safely in the same area. I decant as many foods as I can out of plastic and into Mason Jars because I am a semi-paranoid modern hippy. Plus it looks nice. For those of you who have OCD and are wigging out about the blue jar messing up the flow, Henry and I are both gluten free. That’s how we know which noodles are safe.

Bread Box can be purchased here.

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