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Our Best Offer-Become a Norwex Consultant!

On May 1st at noon central time, your opportunity to start a Norwex side or full time hustle goes back to the normal awesome and generous offer we always lay out for you.

f you have been on the fence about joining this month, your chance to snap up the full Mop System Starter Kit (valued at over $240) is just $9.99 shipping, plus tax.

What’s different about April? Instead of 2000 dollars in sales before 90 days to earn your kit for no charge, you are asked to sell/buy just 1000 dollars of Norwex with bonus days added– 120 days to hit 1000 dollars in sales. We have reduced the sales requirement AND given you more time to do it. That’s how we are. Generous, and cool.

1000 in sales in 120 days, not 90!

Why say heck yes to Norwex? We are watching customers clamor for our products, participate in online parties with excitement, new customers are looking for safer, smarter cleaning solutions for their family, repeat customers are telling their friends and family about the products they are using to clean without harmful chemicals. If you have more time now than before, this could be a productive hobby that could turn into so much more.

Join the Work With Water team and be embraced and supported by one of the most positive and helpful group of women you’ve ever spent time with. We have been rocking the virtual friendship/work thing successfully for nearly 9 years AND have always been one of the top sales team in the nation. Win-win!

Do you have questions for me? Text me for a private, one on one conversation to ask any candid questions you have. I am here to help you decide if joining Norwex (with me as your go-to support system)is good fit for you and your family/lifestyle!

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