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Pass on Plastic in July (and every other month!)

One of the many things my time as a Norwex Consultant has gifted me with is knowledge, awareness, and a career that give me a cause to work for.

It also has given our family countless blessings. Two years ago we were able to by a house in a dream location, steps from the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan. That confident purchase was due much in part to the financial freedom that has come from my successful Norwex career.

When we moved here, I made it a point to try to walk the beach daily. I’ve never been great at “self-care” and I would choose to either work hard or play hard, but rest, relaxation and mindfulness were never on my priority list. Walking the beach became my way to unwind, but it was really hard to get zen-like when I was kicking plastic straws and bottle tops along my strolls. Ugh! So.MUCH.plastic you guys. I mean, loads. I could cry when I think about how many garbage bags full of plastic I have combed off the beach.

This was a casual sweep of the beach and lake waters yesterday. You might think, “Damn, what’s with the slobs at the beach?!” A large portion of this garbage would have made its way into our largest source of fresh water in the United States was wind-blown here.

This keeps me up at night. What our generation does to curb our single use plastic addiction will heavily impact our children and grandchildren.

Please pass on plastic. 
For the water, our ecosystem, for our kids.

(Yes, a tampon applicator. Gag)

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