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Salt-Busting Car Wash with Norwex

Doesn’t everyone hand wash their car when a 30 degree Wisconsin heat wave hits?! The automatic car wash line was 1/4 mile deep, so rather than wait 45 minutes for a badly needed salt-removal job, I went home and did it myself. Here is why:

The average touchless car wash uses between 45-70 plus gallons of water.

It took 15 gallons of water to wash my SUV (and my ride was nasty!)

The car wash sprays pink and blue foam that smells weird. What’s IN that stuff? Yikes!

It required zero chemicals, no soap, no run-off, just water and 2 Norwex Cloths.

The car wash line was bananas and I would have probably drank 300 calories of Starbucks to busy myself.

It took me 25 minutes and I burned a few calories!

(Also a few of my neighbors think I am a lunatic. Partially correct!)

I love the Norwex Car Wash Mitt and Car Cloth, and while I don’t often sell them to new customers, they are a staple in the home of most consultants. If you are looking for a money saving, water saving, gentle hand wash set of fantastic tools, these cloths are fantastic. You never have to pay full price for them. Host a Norwex Party and use your shopping spree to get them free. Or, become a spokesperson and advocate for Norwex and you’ll get all your product 35% off when you join the #2 selling Norwex sales team in the USA!

PS Did you know that Norwex Leaders are given a Car Bonus?  There are now 3 leaders on my team that are eligible to receive 500 additional dollars EVERY month that we can use towards a car. Norwex doesn’t lock us into a lease, we can use the car bonus for tuition, debt, savings, or shopping! 3 additional leaders on my team are now being gifted an additional 250 dollars a month at our Red Jacket Level, a brand new career plan addition Norwex just rolled out. I love this kind and generous company!




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