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Say goodbye…The Norwex Retirement Home gains another!

Some products come and stay for a long while, others eventually get retired and are sent to the Norwex Retirement Home. I’m so sad to see this one go. The Norwex Mediterranean Moisture Face and Neck Gel (try to say that fast a few times whydontcha) has been so well-loved by many Norwex Consultants and customers. However, it’s nearly time to say goodbye as this product gets put out to pasture. Why grab it before it’s gone?

It’s awesome for sunburns and gave me so much relief when I got fried in the Panama sun on the last Norwex incentive trip.

It dispenses easy and carefully, so a bottle lasts a longgggg time.

It makes a great light moisturizer alternative in the Summer months.

Guys love it as an after-shave option. Ladies like it for the same reason, even on the bikini line.

It contains organic aloe vera. No further explanation needed.

Your opportunity to have this Norwex product depends on how fast we sell out of the remaining stock. Get it today, it will be gone forever before we know it!

PS Remember, if you don’t want to pay full price for the Norwex products you love, there are always ways to save. Host a party with me. Get it free with your hostess credit.


Join Norwex, and take advantage and love up on that 35% commission and 35% discount that comes along as one of the best benefits of choosing to become a Norwex Consultant. I’m proud to be one of the top leaders in the USA for 7 years and will work alongside you to make Norwex the best possible fit for you and your schedule, personality and motivations.



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