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September Host Gifts

Norwex means “generous” in French.

Just kidding. But did you know that Norwex DOES actually mean “Norwegian Experience?”

Later this month I am hosting a direct sales party with a different company. I will be stepping into the role of Host for a night instead of my typical job as Consultant, and while I am thrilled to support another woman in our industry and I am super excited to give my friends a chance to shop safely and easily from their home, this experience has reminded me that not every party plan company is as over-the-top generous as Norwex.

We simply put high value on our hosts and know that without them, our influence and ability to reach health aware consumers would be limited.

We know that hosting a party takes time. Energy. Follow up. Enthusiasm. If you want to host a successful direct sales show, you have to put in some work and at Norwex, we think you should be thanked for that. So, we gift you with free product and shopping sprees that reflect our gratitude.

Want to host a Facebook or Zoom style workshop this month? I’m your point person and I am thankful you will partner with me to teach your loved and liked ones how to clean safer, smarter, and easier with Norwex!

BABY SHARK….. SORRY. I had to do it!

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