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September Norwex Join Free Promotion.

This fall, Target will hire 100,000 seasonal workers in anticipation of the Christmas season.

I love me some Target, and several years ago I NEEDED the extra money to afford Christmas. The alternative option was credit cards pushed to the max to fund even the most modest Christmas for our family. The downside of a seasonal job? Bad hours. Dismal pay. A job that ends whether you want it to our not.

Instead of signing up for temporary work this fall, why not Norwex instead? For the next 2 weeks we have generously brought back our popular option to sign up as a Norwex consultant without the typical 2000 dollar sales quota. Yes, you can become a Norwex consultant without making an investment, and you can turn a profit the same day. I show people how to do it and I have been doing it myself for 6 years.

For several years I have coached and guided women like you as they make the move towards trying something they once swore they would not. (Direct sales, NOT drugs!) If you are one of the curious but cautious, this is an offer to ponder. Norwex has virtually no expectations for you and does not push or pressure you. I work with you to understand what you’d like to get out of a Norwex side hustle. You decide, I have your back. I don’t beg, guilt or pressure you. You probably have enough guilt, pressure and stress in your life already. That’s not my role.

Want to do it? Why wouldn’t you? I changed my life with Norwex as the fuel. You can too. I’ll show you how.




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