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Simple, but significant. The Norwex Safe Haven 5.

Norwex Safe Haven 5 Package is a simple and affordable way to modernize and simplify your cleaning without harsh chemicals.
Make-over your cleaning routine with the Safe Haven 5!

Are you new to Norwex? Perhaps you went to a Norwex party years ago, bought a few things, but never fully became committed to using them. Or maybe you have been listening to a friend go on, and on…. and ON about Norwex and you think maybe she’s joined a green cleaning cult. If you can relate to any of the above, the Norwex Safe Haven 5 Package is the place to start.

Over the years we have continued to offer more and more time-saving, Earth-loving, home and body products that make living a healthier lifestyle not just simple, but almost, well, fun. As we’ve grown, so has our potential to overwhelm our Norwex Newbies. When you are in a curious stage about Norwex, it’s important that we feed you bite-sized chunks of information about products without making you feel like you’ve been told you need a whole new language in a foreign country WITHOUT Google Translate. That’s just mean. Our goal? Introduce you to the 5 Norwex products that pack the biggest punch. Price them affordably. Teach you how to use them. Watch you become a Norwex Junkie and never go back to the old, yucky, chemicals you once were dependent on!

Not only is the Safe Haven 5 Package the biggest bang for your buck, when combined together you have the tools to clean about 80% of the things that need cleaning. You’ll immediately save money and time, two of the biggest reasons people are willing to trash their cleaning routine and Go Norwex.

How do you make the switch? Schedule an online class with me, attend one of my Facebook Parties (message me for upcoming dates!) set a home party date, or book a one on one time to do a video conference and together, I’ll tutor you on your new subject. (Let me put my K-5 teaching certificate to good use!) This is WAY easier than learning a new language, promise.

Thinking of adding an additional source of income to your life? The Safe Haven 5 Package makes your job as a new Norwex Consultant simple and rewarding. When you join my sales team, I’ll send you a video of my top tips on how to use this package to teach others about cleaning without chemicals.

Keep it simple. Get significant results. I love the Safe Haven 5 Package for customers and I adore it as a tool for new Norwex Consultants!

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