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Smart, Simple, Safe Cleaning For Today’s Modern Family

Once upon a time there was a Mom who hated home parties, (and cleaning too, ironically.) Every day she stayed at home with her three kids and tried to keep up but felt sort of burned out, a little lonely, and not real financially secure. One day, she served some sangria and hosted a Norwex party just to get a free mop. Because of that party, she realized that there was a growing company that was dedicated to making change in the world by cleaning smarter, safer and faster with water & a new kind of microfiber– not scary chemicals. Because of that, she decided she could join this movement and hopefully sell a few of these fantastic cloths to her friends and family. Until finally, one day she realized that while she had totally changed her own life, and that of her family, she actually had the ability to help transform the lives of other women too.

You can learn and read more about me here.

Ready to learn more about the Norwex products? Yay! Discover more about safe cleaning.

Curious about how you can join our movement and become a sales consultant on my top organization that’s full of fun, passionate, SUCCESSFUL, dynamic women who do what they love and love what they do?  Want to schedule a time to coach and connect with me?

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