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Sparkly Non Toxic Fridge Cleaning Recipe!

Did you catch my Live Video over on my Facebook Page about my dirty fridge? It’s my most dreaded chore, and I am embarrassed to admit how long it had been since I had done a for-real serious big deep clean on it. The truth is, if your fridge is clean and well organized it often leads to better eating habits. In my case it was so gross I was thinking about giving up on eating.

If that doesn’t sound reasonable, then let’s clean your fridge.

how_to_Clean_fridgeStep 1:Turn your fridge off. Save the electricity while you are working to empty it.

Step 2: Remove everything from your fridge. If you are going to do it, go all the way!

Step 3: Fill a sink with hot water. Add 1-2 tsp of Norwex Dish Liquid. (I love it because it’s SLS and SLES free, no dyes and no fragrance added. You won’t get the big bubbles but that’s good. Trade bubbles for safety and your health!)

Step 4: Add 1 drop of a high quality essential oil. I like Lemon for kitchen tasks.

Step 5: Carefully remove your shelves. I don’t suggest putting them in the dishwasher, I have had one break in the past, and many times the shelf design results in collected water. (Mold City, eww.)

Step 6: Use the Norwex Scrubby Corner Enviro Cloth to loosen sticky spills. Norwex Microfiber can remove up to 99% of bacteria on surfaces when use and cared for correctly, so no need to expose yourself to bleach or harmful cleaning products to make your fridge sanitary!  For super stuck on yuck, try my husband’s favorite kitchen helper, the Spirinett


Or one of my top ten personal favorites, the Dish Cloth.


Step 7: Air dry all the shelves and then get in there and do a super good wipe down of the back, top, and sides of the fridge. Wait for the inside to dry before you put all of your food items back into the fridge.

Step 8: My final step is to add one of the Norwex Air Freshener Bags. These are not scented, chemical filled air fresheners, they are safe and eco-friendly and use bamboo charcoal to absorb yucky smells. I love how you can replace with a new insert so waste is minimal, and after the inserts stops working, cut it open and sprinkle in your garden, it’s a great fertilizer!

There you have it. A clean, good smelling fridge thanks to a little effort and Norwex! Do you have a favorite Norwex product? Share with me, I love to know what you are loving!

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