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If you’re new to Norwex, this is the perfect place to get  started.

What is Norwex, and how do you use Norwex Microfiber products? Wondering which cloths you should buy if you are Norwex beginner?

There are many ways to embrace Norwex: buy some of our practical products, host a party and earn your products for free, or join me and become a Norwex Consultant and I’ll be your person guide and coach, whether you are looking for a new career or a discount on your Norwex products.

If you are here looking for Norwex product guidance, here is your no-fail, must-have, 3 pack of cloths you absolutely must start with when entering the world of cleaning without chemicals.

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Your First 3 Norwex Products Should Be...


Use the Enviro Cloth first. Get it wet. Wipe your dirty surface. It just cleaned your yuck with no chemicals and it removed 99% of bacteria as an added bonus. Stand back, admire your clean surface, and wait for your jaw to drop.

window cloth

If your surface has shine-ability (windows, mirrors, shower doors, granite counters, stainless appliances, car windows, stemware) then go ahead and dry your damp surface with the purple Window Cloth.

dusting mitt

Do the chore you probably hate most faster, safer, and more effectively. Pop on a Norwex Dusting Mitt and wipe your surfaces. Shake it off outside after you are done — easy, peasy lemon squeezy.

Bundle all top 3 Norwex Microfiber must-haves with the Household Package and save

If you purchase The Household Package above, then consider Cleaning Paste as the Norwex back-up singer. Dampen your Enviro Cloth and dab a smidgen of Cleaning Paste on any surface you want to clean, polish or protect.

I use it to scour out sinks. It’s your SAFE alternative to all those abrasive cleaners you use to scour the tub, your flat-top stove, and stains on cupboard or painted surfaces.

It’s saved my son’s sweet little behind on more than one occasion, as a kid with a Sharpie usually ends with Mommy rocking and crying in the corner. Not so much when you have Norwex!

Bonus: It lastsssssss. I have a jar of Norwex Cleaning Paste going on 3.5 years, as Norwex doesn’t dilute this product with water. Maximum value, maximum cleaning power. They don’t call this product “Elbow Grease in a Jar” for nothing. 

Want all of this, plus a few additional items that will truly put you on the path to a healthier home?

Save yourself over 15 dollars and bundle it together in the Safe Haven Package Plus, or what I offer as the “Step Into Norwex Package.” My family uses all of these products on a regular basis and it’s the easiest way to become a modern, healthy cleaning Norwex home. It’s the Easy Button for Norwex and IT WILL CHANGE EVERYTHING ABOUT YOUR CLEANING!

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Create Your Safe Haven

Don’t leave without grabbing your FREE copy of How to Create Your Own Safe Haven!

I’ve pulled together simple ways for you to use the Safe Haven 5 Set (plus some water) to help you reduce the chemicals in your home, while keeping it sparkling clean.

Feel confident in the clean your kids live IN as well as the clean your kids take part in (did I mention the Dusting Mitt comes in kid sizes?) with their chores.

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A Healthier Way

We believe there’s a strong and direct link between our health and the health of the environment. We educate, inspire and empower people everywhere to transform their homes into Safe Havens.

Our Global Mission: improving quality of life by radically reducing chemicals in our homes.

Our Promise to You: effective, safe and sustainable, our products deliver solutions for healthier homes, healthier families and a healthier world.

Our People, Our Passion: Norwex Consultants impact the world for good, educating and influencing others to create safer havens in their homes.

Giving Back Locally & Globally: consultants give back to their communities in part through the nonprofit, Norwex Foundation for a Brighter Future. Norwex gives back globally, too, through corporate donations. Where there’s a need, Norwex is there.

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