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Start your Norwex Journey this Fall!

Hey you. I know you’ve been stopping by, reading the posts, thinking about becoming a consultant.

Did you know that autumn is my favorite time of year, NOT because of pumping spice but because it’s our ideal season for launching a Norwex business? Our fall season is full of parties, holiday buying, and vendor fairs. Maybe you have been thinking of becoming a Norwex consultant for the discount. Join this time of year to stock up on Norwexy holiday gifts for those you love at your generous 35% discount.

Perhaps that job of yours leaves you feeling tired, bored, and maybe even a little soul drained. I have had many women join Norwex just because they needed something purposeful, cup-filling and fun. Norwex might be something you do for YOU.

Or maybe you are a Mama that goes hog-wild during the Christmas buying season, and then you end up rocking in the corner with your credit card bill that comes calling in January after all the holiday gift wrap has been picked up and forgotten about. Norwex income is how my family travels and spends debt-free each year. I love being able to set my own schedule and goals. Nobody but Amanda decides how much she works and when. You can have that too!



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