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Sunny Days and Bright New Products

Days are becoming longer and for that I am thankful! Most of us have spent so much more time at home since March of 2020, which means a few things:

Your house is just plain old dirtier than it’s ever been because someone is always at home, dropping crumbs, leaving fingerprints on the woodwork, using the toilet. Your home potty has probably never seen so much activity! For those of you who have a son or two, you certainly don’t need this reminder.

We’ve all been cooped up breathing the same stale indoor air, and for those of us in the colder regions of the country, your house is in desperate need of those windows to be flung open, linens are ready to be deep cleaned and washed, sofa cushions and pillows are in need of a safe and healthy refresh. (May I be the first to suggest Mattress Cleaner for this task?) Some of the spaces most in need of cleaning in your home are often the easiest to ignore and simply forgotten.

There’s a whole new slew of Limited Edition Norwex Products this Spring. I am a huge fan of this new lineup, because a good chunk of them are pro Clean LESS LIVE More (My mantra since I became a Norwex consultant 10 years ago!)

You’ll notice vivid prints that invite and remind you to GO OUTSIDE. *Despite the fact that I like a clean house, and that I am a top Norwex Leader, I do not, actually like to clean at all and I would rather be doing anything other than cleaning.

Take a stroll through the new (but limited edition and when they are gone, they are gone) products and decide what you like best.

If you want to know more about them in detail, I invite you to host a one on one walk through with me, or jump on the workshop train and let me teach you along with your friends how cleaning with smarter products means safer, smarter, easier.

Are you already in Love with our mission? Consider becoming a Norwex consultant and take the step to say YES to becoming an advocate for your own home.

Every word written here is written by me. If you want to ask questions about becoming a consultant, they will be fielded by, and answered by me. Want a phone call to feel things out and see if choosing Norwex (and me) as your support is a good fit? I’ll be the one who chats with you and gets to know you and your story. Ready to get going right now? You will hear from me right after you start.

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