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The Glam Side of Braces

When I signed on as a Norwex Consultant nearly four years ago, I was a stay at home mom with three small kids. We had been a one income family for seven years.  We were a “just getting by” one-income family. A normal family. One with debt.

Student loan debt. Car debt. Credit card debt. Normal, to American standards.

We had some emergency savings, a small home (that we still live in) and a lot of stress about money. Most of the stress came from my end. Marriage often brings together a curious combination of feeling, attitudes and ideas about money. My feelings, attitudes, and ideas were mainly negative. (They say money doesn’t buy happiness, but neither does not having money!)

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 6.51.39 PM

Four years ago my baby had just gotten his first tooth, and my oldest daughter had just lost her first tooth.  The last thing on my mind when I took this photo to mark the occasion was braces.

Those years went by in a blink, and last March I took my oldest daughter to the orthodontist. The place was jam-packed, louder and more crowded than a Starbucks on a weekday morning. I took her in for the initial appointment, met the staff, and was given a quote. I wrote a check and paid in full. We walked out, her moaning about her future mouth trauma and the drama associated with looking goofy and spitting while she talked.

I walked to the car, shut the door, and cried.  She silenced herself immediately and blurted, ” Mom! I’m so sorry! Why are you crying? It won’t hurt that bad Mom, don’t cry for me!”

I cried because I was so damn thankful we could truly afford braces. I cried a bit because, holy crap, kids are expensive and if we hadn’t seen this $5000 expense coming, I’d better open my eyes because clearly none of this raising kids business was going to get any cheaper.

Paying for braces is not one of the glamorous benefits that direct sales tout as a reason to join our industry. Free vacations, new cars and fun money for home decor, date nights, and new clothes are totally glam.

Those of you who have kids know there is nothing sexy about parenting, but I think being ready for all of the financial responsibilities that you are expecting (and even those you aren’t expecting) is sort of hot. (In a mouth-gear geeky sort of way.) Today those braces came off. Knowing I paid for that smile by educating people about a product that improves health, and supporting other women as they do the same, made ME grin.

Today was a great day.

If you want to join an exploding company, one that welcomes you with no money invested, a company that believes that family matters…. if you want to start earning orthodontics money as soon as you start working, and would like me to work hands-on with you as your coach and sponsor, then this is your time. I would love the opportunity to chat with you how about Norwex has changed my family’s life and how together, we can make it can change yours too.

Join today, change your tomorrow!





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1 thought on “The Glam Side of Braces”

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