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The New Norwex Fall 2017 Products are Here!

Not only are the New 2017 Fall Norwex products BEAUTIFUL, they are useful too! You’ve asked for more colors, more mop accessories, liquid detergent and we listened! Plus you will find even more new additions to our product line this year. I have already been using the new Norwex  Napkins with BacLock and my kids love them. Plus my crunchy, green loving heart is all about the fact that we have designed them with 50% recycled material.  The Chenille Mop Pad is so awesome for dry dusting your floors, I am loving how much better it’s grabbing dust off my floors and trim.

The more I use these products, the more reviews I will have for you. I can’t wait to see which ones are the best sellers this fall.

What catches your eye, which ones do you want to learn more about? Tell me in the comments and I will focus my upcoming videos on what you want to see more of.

Have you always wanted to stop spending money on cleaning supplies at Target or Walmart? Wish you could clean faster and safer and keep your loved ones away from gross chemicals? Love the Earth and feel bad each time you toss paper towel in the trash? Norwex, Norwex, Norwex. I love this company because we are all about smart solutions.

I am party FULL until October! That’s how good these products are. Get on my fall calendar now, let’s Norwex!

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