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The Sad and Scary Un-Truth in Packaging


Like many of you, I am in shop-mode, stocking up on stocking stuffers. With 2 girls who love the fun and glam stuff, it’s easy to grab things like this for a cheap and easy gift. I have to admit, the pink and the sparkles caught my eye, and even though I know better, I grabbed this lip balm and walked around the store with it. I got to the checkout and flipped it over to look at the ingredients (No Harsh Chemicals! Kid Friendly!) only to see several words I try to avoid at all cost. Fragrance (in cosmetics and cleaning products) is one of the hardest to avoid but easiest to spot. Fragrance is key for “chemical concoction of ingredients we disguise behind a pretty word” I would call it something else but this is supposed to be a professional blog so let’s just say messy storm of yuck. Pass.

Paraben is another easy word to identify that is in tons of cosmetics. Propylparaben is rated a 10 (high hazard) on the Skin Deep Database.

I stopped after those two words, and I really wanted to get a Sharpie Marker and do this :  No Harsh Chemicals and NOT “Kid Friendly.”

What can you do?

Stop buying these unsafe products. Until more consumers demand better products with cleaner ingredients and then truthful packaging, manufacturers will continue to try to fleece us. Clearly they know the demands for safer products are there yet they misinform and lie to get you to buy it. Gross.

Tell others. How is anyone supposed to know this stuff? It can be scary but you just take baby steps. The next time you need lip balm, make the switch to a healthier choice. Change one cosmetic or cleaning product at a time, and share the products you love with those you love. Don’t buy these products for your kids, it’s our job to protect their young bodies. Do my girls get annoyed that I say no to this stuff? Yes. Kids are mucho smart and if you explain why, they can typically comprehend and even appreciate your dedication to making them smart consumers.

Join the movement at Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families. It’s time to force our politicians to make change, it’s time to force these companies to be transparent!



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