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The “Superior” of all Mops!

We don’t call it the Superior Mop System on accident! My hostess, Michelle, from Poplar Grove, Illinois, poses with her new side-kick, the Norwex Superior Mop System. Michelle even vacuumed her salon floor before I zipped through with the Norwex Mop System.(Check out all that hair we picked up!)  Salons and stylists love not only the Norwex Mop, but the Rubber Brush (in Michelle’s hand) for cleaning the hair, dust, and dirt off the pads. I’ve never met a hair stylist who hasn’t also been crazy for the Basic Set. Our wet Enviro can remove hair spray from from surfaces and the Window Cloth keeps the mirrors streak-free with just water.

I left Michelle’s party last night on cloud 9. I love what I sell and watching how people connect the dots on how it’s going to change the way they take care of their home (or business too!) Michelle has two beautiful babies and never will they crawl or play on a floor that’s cleaned with chemicals!

I love meeting FUN new people who welcome me into their home and treat me like their own family. I never get bored with this work and love every thing about our personal-touch business. I think beautiful Michelle was pretty happy that she earned her Mop for FREE and a shopping spree on top of it!

I have two party dates left in August. Did you know Norwex provides me with a significant Car Bonus/Travel Allowance? Have Norwex, will travel to stock your home with these life-changing products!


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