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Norwex offers all consultants an opportunity to earn a free vacation each year. I will admit that incentives aren’t typically something I am motivated by, but if it’s a TRAVEL incentive, well…. Will Work For Travel. If Norwex hadn’t been my future, these trips certainly wouldn’t have ever been either. My husband and I started our family young. I was a stay at home mom. Scraping together money for vacations just simply not realistic for us four years ago, but that didn’t mean I didn’t wish and dream about the day it could happen. I just imagined I’d have adult kids and a lot more grey hair.

This is my 4th year as a consultant, and I am forever grateful to have earned 4 trips with this company- Punta Cana, a Cruise to Belize and Cozumel, and Costa Rica(My 10 year old joined me on this one!) This year it was especially fun to look around at the dozen plus girls on my team, many husbands, and a few friends and sisters who were able to come with on this vacation to paradise. Some of my best friends are top selling consultants on our team. How incredibly fun it is to go on paid for vacations with your favorite people!


This month Norwex sent Jim and I to Oahu, Hawaii. It was our first time to Hawaii, so we extended the trip for three days to hike and kayak in Kauai as well. Norwex microfiber made an impromptu appearance as a beach towel after I was vacation loopy and jumped in a waterfall with no proper bathing suit and no towel to dry off with. My favorite part about that experience is that in that waterfall over 15 minutes time, there were toddlers, old people,  Moms, Dads,  people from different parts of the World, most with very imperfect bodies people, me included, and nobody cared. They just jumped in. That amazing little yellow Travel Cloth has hiked to the Smoky Mountains and to a location that was a scene in the movie Jurassic Park.








On the way to the Honolulu airport, we grabbed a Uber ride. 15 minutes with our driver, Kaelo and we learned that Norwex was a perfect fit for his needs. He lives in a location that has banned the use of soaps for car washing to reduce waste water run-off to protect the ocean waters. He was quoted over 100 dollars a week for a car washing service. As a small business owner, that was crazy expensive for his budget. I gave him a Travel Enviro Cloth to try and explained our Norwex Microfiber abilities to clean with just water– no soap. Kaleo is going to be using the Norwex Car Wash Mitt and Car Cloth to keep is SUV and the pristine Pacific clean. What a fun interaction this was. It’s so rewarding to work for a company that solves problems vs. creating them.


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