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We are always a home-based work option.

Millions of Americans are looking for ways to bridge the gap as our country faces Stay at Home orders during the Covid-19 pandemic.

For nearly a decade I have shuffled a flexible career as a top Norwex consultant with my role as a mother. I have years of experience and loads of empathy for every working parent who is trying to feed kids, school kids, Zoom call into a meeting if they are still working, check on parents and elderly relatives… I’ve been there and I am doing it now on overdrive. Some days are UGLY. Others are brighter.

I invite you to stay curious on if teaching online workshops/classes on cleaning without toxic chemicals is a role you could see yourself filling. While I have a first love of person-to-person educating, it’s not only possible, but enjoyable to give other adults a virtual opportunity to learn how to do a Home Makeover of their cleaning routine in favor of faster, safer, healthier, and more economical.

Support and training is at your fingertips, the rewards are high, the flexibility remains even after our world goes back to more peaceful and normal routines.

Join me (and one of the very top Norwex teams in the country) in becoming a healthy home advocate and discover how many American families have yet to find out how Norwex can change their home for the better, forever.

Our entry method for joining Norwex looks even easier and more flexible than ever. We’ve reduced the sales requirements from 2000 dollars in 90 days down to 1000 dollars in 120 days. Why? Because we know life is heavy, complicated, and stressful right now, and you could benefit from an extension.

What’s this mean for you?

  • When you join, your kit is mailed to you for just the cost of shipping
  • You have 120 days (4 months!) to buy /sell 1000 dollars of Norwex (retail) to earn your free kit
  • Most new consultants will hit $1000 in sales by doing just 2-4 online/virtual parties
  • Hit your $1000 sales goal, take advantage of the 35% discount we offer AND your kit is free, we charge you nothing
  • Now, decide what you want to do next. Fill a calendar? Dial back and focus on other things? Norwex demands very little from you. Choose your own adventure and opportunity

You can do this, and I specialize in being the right support person you need to guide you along. Ready to do it? Start now, you’ll be amazed at how fun it can be to start something new.

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