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What comes in my Norwex Starter Kit?

Thinking about becoming a Norwex Consultant? If you haven’t established a relationship with a working consultant and are looking for a leader to sponsor you, I’m here to discuss how selling Norwex could be a perfect fit and the right time, despite the fact that we are all currently working from home and using social media tools to educate our customer base on healthier, safer options.

Norwex is mega generous and unique in our method of entry. Short on the cash you need to start a business? I was too, when I became a Norwex consultant nearly 9 year ago. As a single-income family with a lot of college loan debt, I had little to invest in anything beyond diapers and groceries.

Norwex is different- in many ways. When you sign up to become a consultant, Norwex is giving you a chance to earn money on day 1. We charge you not for your Starter Kit at sign up, just a prorated $9.99 to ship it to you.

Then, we give you resources and time.

Typically, we ask you to chunk out $2000 of sales by your 90th day of joining. That looks like about 3-4 home parties. As we have moved to online workshop style format, that often looks like 2-3 online parties. *There are efficient ways to work smarter, not harder, even though you might have more time now than you have had in the past.

But we have recently gotten even more flexible and more generous. Instead of $2000 sales in 90 days to earn your kit and not be charged $200 for it, we have a second option! Sell $1000 in your first 30 days and the kit is also free!

That’s right. Choose your own adventure. Go slow and steady over 90 days and hit $2000, or crank it out fast and hard and hit $1000 in your first 30 days. You don’t have to decide at sign up which path you’d rather do. Just do either!

What comes in that Starter Kit? Good question. Let’s break it down so you can see the heckofa value we provide you.

Norwex Products

  • Enviro Cloth, graphite
  • Window Cloth, purple
  • Dusting Mitt, blue
  • Mini Cleaning Paste (the cutest Elbow Grease ever)
  • Ultra Power Plus Detergent, 8.8 oz
  • Superior Mop System
  • Rubber Brush
  • Body Pack, graphite

Business Supplies

  • The Norwex Purpose Booklet
  • New Consultant Guide
  • Fresh Start Brochure
  • Norwex Opportunity Brochure
  • Current catalogs (10)
  • Safe Haven 5 Brochure (5)
  • Party Cards (these are props to help you learn the verbiage)
  • Host Guide (5)
  • Host Invitations(50)
  • Host Order Forms (5)
  • Customer Order Forms (20)
  • Norwex Tote Bag

Wow, right? Yes, we are generous.

What happens if you join and miss the 2K sales goal that was asked of you when you joined? Well, chances are, even if you did 1 party, you’ll have enough earned to pay back the kit cost. You’ll be out nothing, and you will still be part of the Norwex family and will be able to move forward as a consultant at your own pace.

Ready to give it a whirl? It’s a positive and purposeful thing to step in to, and when you choose to work with me, I will offer you support, resources, and guidance, but never high pressure or guilt. You have a mother in law for that. JK JK!

Send me a message to ask me the burning questions you have, or click through and say yes to a healthier home and being a positive change-maker in this world.

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