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What is Norwex?

What is Norwex photoIf I had a penny for every time this question has been asked. Well, I’d have a lot of pennies.

It always makes me giggle when I field this question, because I remember when I first told my 82 year old Grandma that I wasn’t going back to teaching kids, and that was going to instead teach grown ups how to use Norwex.

“NorWAX? Amanda? What’s that word? What does wax have to do with your new job?”

In her defense, she had hearing aids and they often needed a battery change.


Grandma T was born one year before the Great Depression and knew a thing about being frugal. She was a steward of the Earth and took me ditch picking for trash and her eyes would swell with tears when she spent time considering how much damage had been done to the Earth in her lifetime. She loved mushroom hunting and bird watching and she taught me how to identify the trees on their old farm property.

One day I stopped to visit her. I had my 4 year old daughter in tow, and Grandma T was finishing her chores. She was cleaning her big picture window. It was a huge window, and it faced a residential street I traveled on to get to high school. Most days she would make a big sign with a fat marker and an over-sized piece of cardboard. She’d hold it in the window while I drove by, and usually the messages were cheerful, like “You are special!” but sometimes they warned me, “AMANDA SLOW DOWN! You drive too damn fast!”

She finished her window cleaning and took a moment to look at what she was using. I knew vinegar was in her bottle, I could smell that unmistakable odor it when I stepped in the house. But the rag she was using?

Grandma T was holding a gigantic pair of grey, dingy, hole-filled underwear with a stretched out elastic waistband with the faded remains of the word HANES.

I grabbed my daughter and told her not to touch the window. My grandpa had been dead for 13 years but the thought of his underwear being used as a cleaning tool? No. I think I threw up in my mouth a little bit right then.

Norwex came into my hands just two years later, and my Grandma was the second person I made sure was outfitted with and Enviro Cloth and a Window Cloth, and I threw my Grandpa’s unders in the trash myself.

I grew up in the 80’s, and if it wasn’t a commercial for beef, air freshener, douche, cigarettes or fabric softener, it was the bald guy who went by Mister Clean. For the last several decades, we’ve been conditioned to believe that a healthy house is a home that it sterile clean, and the way to do that is with products that are strong smelling, powerful, and cheap. We’ve since learned that there are side effects for choosing these products, not limited to accidental poisonings, asthma attacks, headaches, and the good old coughing fit many of us have experienced after cleaning a bathroom without decent air ventilation.

Norwex was created over 25 years ago with the goal of reducing chemicals in the typical household, long before the true green home movement had started to pick up speed.

Our company is dedicated to helping people like you. We know you clean, or you pay someone to clean. We know you may be someone who cleans obsessively, occasionally, or rarely. We also know that for decades, we’ve been given a whole host of harsh, disposable, and chemical based products for tackling one of the many trouble spots in your home.

But what if you could *easily* change the way you clean? What if it could be done without spraying chemicals? If you could do it faster and have it stay cleaner longer, would you be willing to try?

We’ve spent years developing smarter solutions for living cleaner lifestyle, but in a way that’s affordable, easy, and rewarding.

The foundation behind Norwex lies in our ability to offer you a way to clean mechanically, versus chemically. Our Norweigan roots have been instrumental in designing products that reduce the use of harmful chemicals and help eliminate single use waste that is a burden on the planet. Our focus on offering sustainable, effective and safe products means that anyone who wants to start making swaps for smarter products can easily do that with Norwex.

So, whether you are in a hurry to make as many changes to a cleaner lifestyle as possible, or you are slowing giving up one of your household cleaners for our superior microfiber that removes up to 99% of bacteria, there are plenty of Norwex products that are customer and consultant favorites that will soon be your favorite too.

Looking for suggestions on how to make simple swaps and green your cleaning and personal care routines?

Check out my ten personal favorite Norwex products.

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