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What is Norwex?

On a daily basis I get asked, “So… what do you do?”

When I say Norwex, I usually get a blank and confused stare. I have the challenge of trying to do justice to the company and products I so strongly believe in. When you reply with the words “cleaning products,” you often get a sad stare, a bored face, or a look of horror. “Cleaning stuff? You sell cleaning things?”

So, what is Norwex?

Norwex is faster, easier, smart and safe cleaning– as a former hardcore homemade cleaner addict, I was really skeptical of anything labeled “green cleaning” and all products that claimed to be a “healthy” way to clean. Most cleaning products that I had tried that were “green” either didn’t work, or I was left wondering if the ingredients in them were even safe.

Many of my customers know that I was invited and said NO to 6 Norwex shows.  Along with my disdain for home parties, I was also of the mindset that all of this had to be some sort of scam or a fad that would certainly go away.

Um, yeah. So that’s where I stood on the issue for a long time. I was a bit “harsh” you might say. 🙂

Like most women, I have an incredible amount of stock put into my friends and what products they value and trust. That’s a wonderful quality of women. We find something we LOVE and we want to share it with everyone around us. We want everyone we care about to be wise to something we couldn’t imagine living without. When the majority of my friends were all Norwex raving, I was still in the corner pointing and laughing and thinking, “What Kool-Aid have you guys been served?”

Long story short, I hosted a party after I realized I was only of the only ones still stubbornly holding out. I like to think I am open-minded but it took me a long time to see that I hadn’t been when it came to Norwex. I let my consultant (and future sponsor) teach, share, wow, and talk me through how this way of cleaning could really work. She did a great job. She shared, she didn’t sell.

I used the products I earned for free, saw for myself that they truly did blow my homemade concoctions out of the water, cleaned even better than chemicals had ever worked for me, and had changed the way I was taking care of my home and my family.

Using is understanding/believing in the case of Norwex. Once you wet our microfiber, put it to a surface, and see how much faster, easier, less expensive, and healthier you can clean, you will have a hard time imagining ever going back to bottles upon bottles, streaks, and paper towel. I love this document, it’s a great way to see the benefits of making the painless, easy switch to Norwex.

Ready to try Norwex? I’m here to get you started.



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