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What Norwex Cloth Should I Use?

If I had a nickel…

It’s a great question to ask. Many of you might wonder if you are using the “right” cloth for the right job, and I am here as your long-time Norwex Consultant to remind you that you can hardly use Norwex in the “wrong” way, but there are always ways to use it more efficiently and effectively.

Let’s discuss.

Norwex Microfiber is strong and made to work, but it’s not likely to ever damage a surface. Worried about a sensitive surface? Test in an inconspicuous area first. The only place it’s important to be more intentional is with tech surfaces, like flat screen televisions, computer screens, etc. When it comes to cleaning these more sensitive areas, go for the Tech Cleaning Cloth or the Optic Scarf.

But what if you have Norwex products you earned for free when you hosted a show and you aren’t really sure how or where to put them to use?

Maybe you have a fussy area that gives you trouble and you just want to pick the right Norwex cloth for the job.

Our “What Cloth for What Job” chart is a great visual to use when you are becoming beyond a basic Norwex Enviro Cloth user. With that being said, your Enviro Cloth is always a trusty stand-by and can be depended on to clean nearly every surface in your home. If you are going to go beyond the Enviro and Window Cloth, my suggestion is to add some of our kitchen specific microfiber to your collection. The Kitchen Cloth Trio and the Norwex Counter Cloths are the cleaning cloths I use the most in my home.

Have questions about what Norwex you should add to your home for healthy, safer cleaning? I’m here to advise!

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