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What’s grosser than your toilet?

Your kitchen sink might just be grosser and dirtier than your toilet. True story. I’ve been doing Norwex demos and parties for 5 years, and it’s common practice for people to assume that a quick hot rinse of the sink is enough to clean it thoroughly. Bacteria love to live on the food particles left on your dirty dishes, and sinks are a common place for germs to reproduce. If you still have sponges, girl…. I am asking you to break up with that bad boy, he’s no good for you.

If you are making an effort to reduce chemicals in your home but want to give your sink a good old fashioned scrub but without the toxic cleaning products, here are my top Norwex suggestions.

Wipe your sink daily with a damp Enviro Cloth.

Because Norwex Microfiber has the ability to remove up to 99% of bacteria from a surface, you can depend on this cloth and just water to tackle the nasty left behind in the sink. No chemicals needed. Why expose your family to dangerous cleaning products that might be left over in the same sink that you do dishes in? When you are done, rinse well, squeeze, and hang to dry. More info on caring for your Enviro Cloth can be found here.

Scour your sink as needed with Norwex Cleaning Paste.

Use a damp Spirisponge or a damp Enviro Cloth to apply the paste, then scrub. Cleaning Paste is awesome for built up gunk, general grime from sink neglect, and pot and pan marks left on porcelain sinks, plus it protects your sink and keeps it cleaner for longer periods thanks to amazing coconut oil!

Wipe any leftover residue from Cleaning Paste off with your Enviro Cloth.

You may see some white chalky resisdue left after using Cleaning Paste. That’s normal, and it wipes off nicely.

Polish your sink dry with the Norwex Window Cloth.

Stand back and whistle. I love to clean the sink before bed and wake up just to dirty it all up again the next morning!

PS Don’t forget, you can always save a few dollars and package an Enviro and Window Cloth together in our Basic Package.


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