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Norwex. The most useful, dependable, hard-working textiles in the world. Every day I try to get these fantastic cloths into the hands of people who will appreciate, love, and use them. Some days that’s easier than others…. two parties cancelled in the last few days and moments like that feel heavy and discouraging when you are in sales. The top leaders and most successful performers in ANY company get shut down and hit walls too. They just often don’t advertise it because looking capable and confident at all times is something that helps protect our ego. I’ve learned that being transparent about my own struggles with a home-based, direct sales business has inspired way more people than advertising my big wins and successes.

7 years of hustle has taught me that there are always more people out there who are looking for healthier, safer, easier methods and they WILL appear when I focus on positive outcomes and daily efforts and just keep moving forward. Before you join a direct sales company, look for a product that has wide and practical appeal. Look for a team to join that is full of women and men who are actively working on their own personal development just as hard as they are working on selling the product. Seek out support with Norwex consultant who is committed to sticking with it even when there are roadblocks.

What’s your ideal life look like? If you could use more money, more confidence, more personal development, more friendships, more Norwex products, more purpose, then get more of what you want by doing something different. You gotta do something different to get more. I’m your cheer squad and here to help you realize that.

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