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Norwex 101 with Amanda and My Top Picks!

Missed the Norwex party or demonstration your friend had, but curious and ready to try some of the Norwex products that Americans are crazy about? Or maybe you stumbled upon my blog after Googling “What the heck is Norwex?”

Let’s talk about the best selling Norwex products we offer. Many happen to be my personal favorites as well!

I’ve been a Norwex Consultant  and have been a top company leader for 9+ years, have done hundreds of Norwex presentations and have thousands of happy customers. Let me help you make smart Norwex shopping decisions! I only recommend my top-selling customer favorites to new customers and would be thrilled to help you make great choices as you shop for cleaning and home/self-care products that are smart, simple, and offer incredible savings.

Household Package

The reason almost every consultant starts their Norwex presentation with this 3-Pack Power House is because it’s what Norwex stands for: Safe cleaning. No Streak-Cleaning. Smart Cleaning. Save Your Cents Cleaning. With reliable results each and every time, the Clean, Polish and Dust benefits of these three Norwex mainstays are the easiest way to step into Norwex and see for yourself why chemicals or homemade solutions will soon be an outdated and old fashioned way to clean. Use these 3 Norwex cloths to clean 80-90% of your home with our industry leading microfiber and plain ol’ tap water.  You’ll love that Norwex powerful microfiber is capable of removing  up to 99% of bacteria when used and cared for correctly, and we add an incredible bonus ingredient, microsilver. Norwex microfiber has the ability to stay cleaner between washes, meaning less laundry for you. Bam! Yes, I said it. LESS LAUNDRY.  I explain that in more detail here.  Click through to learn more and to buy the Household Package.

Ultra Power Plus Laundry Detergent 

Care for your Norwex microfiber products with a top selling Norwex detergent. Our customers love how gentle it is on sensitive skin, your washer, your septic, and your clothes, but tough on stains. Have a smelly HE washing machine? Many consultants and customers rave about that funky washing machine smell going away after the 3rd wash with Ultra Power Plus. You’re likely to find yourself using less than the recommended amounts, meaning this bag of detergent goes way further than the cheap brands at the big box stores. (I use 1TB per load of laundry in my top load washing machine!) Care for your Norwex investments by washing with Ultra Power Plus and you’ll find your cloths perform better, longer. I love it because all of my clothes keep their bright colors and shape now that we use a high quality and safe detergent.

Kitchen Cloth Trio

or, choose the Kitchen Cloths in our textured weave.

and/or Norwex Counter Cloths (My newest obsession!)

If there is one Norwex product I use more than any other in my home, it’s these fantastic little Mama Tools! Your sponge stinks. Paper towels take up room and make so much waste and cost you $! Those chemical filled one-use wipes are likely not killing germs like you might expect them to. (Read the back of the container and see if you are using them correctly.) The Kitchen Cloths and Counter Cloths are my favorite Norwex items, because they make kitchen wipe ups a dream. Rinse and hang to dry and our BacLock Silver self-cleans the cloths for you. You’ll never find another kitchen helper that’s as rockstar as these guys.


Cleaning Paste

temporarily out of stock but you can still get in in our Safe Haven 5 Package!

If you purchase The Household Package above, then consider Cleaning Paste as the Norwex back-up singer. Damp your Enviro Cloth and dab a smidgen of Cleaning Paste on any surface you want to clean, polish or protect. I use it to scour out sinks. It’s your SAFE alternative to all those abrasive cleaners you use to scour the tub, your flat-top stove, and stains on cupboard or painted surfaces. It’s saved my son’s sweet little behind on more than one occasion, as a kid with a Sharpie usually ends with Mommy rocking and crying in the corner. Not so much when you have Norwex! Bonus: It lastsssssss. I have a jar of Norwex Cleaning Paste going on 3.5 years, as Norwex doesn’t dilute this product with water. Maximum value, maximum cleaning power. Click over to see more uses for “Elbow Grease in a Jar!”

Body Pack/Cloths

Norwex knows how to clean your home safer and faster, but we also know how to clean YOU and your kids the same way. Water and Microfiber can and will remove a full face of makeup, and offer gentle exfoliation for the easiest skin care regimen that both the fancy ladies and the nighttime low maintenance ladies LOVE. My daughters both use the Body Pack and avoid harmful soap near their eyes. My oldest has been able to keep whiteheads away when she washes with the Body Pack on a daily basis, and I love how clean yet soft my skin feels after using it. These cloths have been a top seller for me for years, and will continue to be year after year!  My pick? Choose  the Coastal Body Pack and give everyone a different colored cloth or choose the popular “Graphite” color.

Ready to say yes to cleaner cleaning? Looking for a way to add a few key Norwex products into your home to adopt and embrace the newer, smarter way of caring for your home and body? Then consider the popular Safe Haven 5 package.

Want this package, plus a few additional items that will truly put you on the path to a healthier home?

Save yourself over 15 dollars and bundle it together in the Safe Haven Package Plus, or what I offer as the “Step Into Norwex Package.” My family uses all of these products on a regular basis and it’s the easiest way to become a modern, healthy cleaning Norwex home. It’s the Easy Button for Norwex and IT WILL CHANGE EVERYTHING ABOUT YOUR CLEANING!

Curious about our other Norwex packages?

The Just Add Water Package package includes our lusted after Superior Mop System, the Rubber Brush (Got animal fur? You need this!) and our Fluff and Tumble Wool Dryer Balls.


The true “Have it All Package” is our consultant opportunity, where you are offered a free Starter Kit, a 35% commission the day you start, and an opportunity to have an incredible discount or a huge business opportunity to make extra or significant income with our booming company that has an impressive 20 year history of transforming homes into safe havens!  Learn more about becoming a Norwex consultant with me as your sponsor by reading this, or email me at

If you love having a catalog in your hands, our virtual catalog is the next-best option.

Hate shopping online? I will do the work for you. Simply contact me today with the items you would like and I will reply back to you with your invoice!  My business is based on customer service and I’m committed to your satisfaction. With your purchase comes Norwex use and care instructions, mailed by me to your own front door. Thank you for supporting my small business!

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