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Which Norwex Cloth?

Norwex Consultants don’t sell as much as they share. That’s why so many women become Norwex Consultants when they might have otherwise never considered joining a Direct Sales company. Everyone is capable of sharing what they love and passing on recommendations! Ever spend time reading the Amazon reviews before making a purchase? Most of us look for suggestions before making a purchasing decision. That’s where we come in!

It’s easy to fall into the Norwex Vortex and feel like you must have.every.product. Guess what? When you become a consultant this is a common side effect, mainly because Norwex gives us so many freebies. However, if you are a newbie and looking to step into Norwex, you can start small and simple and narrow down your cloth choices to a few of the most versatile products we offer.

I value your business and can’t wait to help you find the premier green cleaning products for your home. Smart, safe, simple. That’s why I love Norwex so hard!

I have added a red arrow to my personal favorite cloths, and the Norwex microfiber products I feel every home will get the most use from. Use the links to learn more!


Window Cloth

Dusting Mitt

(Bundle all 3 together in our Household Package)

Kitchen Cloth and Towel (I love Pomegrante, Latte and Graphite!)

Bathroom Scrub Mitt

Which Norwex cloth is your favorite?



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