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Your Norwex Starter Kit with EXTRAS added this month!

Woot! Extra freebies, don’t we all love free stuff? Speaking of free stuff, what is the deal with all the free pencils companies give kids? Oy! At the start of this school year I had my kids dump all the supplies they had hoarded around the house, and there must have been 85 pencils and 53 pens. I swore to them that I will not spend another cent on writing utensils as long as they live in our home. Norwex has opened my eyes to the crazy amounts of plastic we consume, and mechanical pencils and plastic pens are such a burden on the environment, and most kids LOVE a new package of pens or click-y pencils. I mean, I’ll admit it. I love a new pen too, even if I don’t really need one.

So right, so much of our life is spent consuming products that have a short life-span function-wise in our life, and realllllly long lifespan in the landfill. We can all work to make more intentional choices because YES girl, when a lot of us make small habit changes, it DOES make an impact. That’s one of the reasons Norwex is such a force in doing good. Cleaning products are normally single-use, wasteful, chemical filled and expensive. When you switch to key Norwex products, your routine can be purposeful and even EASIER, how is that for smart? You are smart, so why not clean smart?

Here’s what’s great about becoming a Norwex consultant and joining this month. You get our best Starter Kit, which includes several top selling Norwex products.

You also get two ADDITIONAL products tossed in. Two great products, I might add!

The blue Dish Cloths are rather, ummm, underwhelming looking at first glance. Remember what your mama and librarian told you, don’t judge a book by its cover! What’s to love about these? They are over-sized, cut them in half (they don’t unravel!) and you’ll have a more manageable sized dish cloth. They are awesome for washing dishes and don’t scratch but offer scrubbing power. Because they are light and meshy, they dry super fast, which cuts down on that normal dry-heave worthy smell that most sponges and dish cloths end up emitting into your kitchen air. Remember when your granny used to try to come at you with her smelly wash rag after she fed you lunch? Oh man, no Grammy, stopppp! Save one for the garage and you’ll find it’s a perfect tool for scrubbing bug guts off the front of your car. Ewww, but you know that the auto-car wash doesn’t even cut it.

How about an extra Mop Pad for your new mop system that’s part of your Norwex starter kit? This Chenille Mop Pad is sold separately from our mop packages, but in my pet and teenage girl hair filled home, this mop pad is not optional. I love the extra fabric you get on the sides, it’s great at getting your floor trim. Use this pad first, and dry. It’s like a broom and vacuum all in one, but no cords, no pushing dust back into the air and into your face, and no waste!

What are you waiting for? You are ready to join because if you’ve gotten this far reading about cleaning stuff in your free time, you clearly are qualified and interested! If you haven’t already established a relationship with a team building Norwex consultant and are looking to join a top Norwex team, and would like my personal support and coaching, then it’s time to click and join and get into this great company and lifestyle!

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